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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 19, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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firefighters across the bay area gearing up to pat will more brushfires like this one as dangerous weather conditions take hold. i'll tell you about the conditions that could mean an increase in calls. >> authorities say five people are responsible for kidnapping a teenager, they're all from the south pay and we'll tell you what they were forcing the teenager to do. >> the weekend vote that changed all that. >> plus the facebook page of mark zuckerberg gets hacked. why he says they were doing
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facebook users a big favor. >> this is ktvu channel 2, morning news. >> good morning, here's a live picture at the entrance to the port of oakland and those are truckers out on the picket lines this morning. the issue they're trying to bring attention to, that's coming up in a few minutes. good morning, pam cook, august 19th. >> good morning. there's a fire danger in the pay area. steve? possible lightning and clouds building up in and around, it goes to wednesday. thunder shower activity. this will not be widespread, it will be hit or miss. it will be impact of lightning and possible fire. it will be slamdunk in northeast california. it's wrapping back towards us. it looks like it's pushing into the pacific, slightly cooler, especially the coast.
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it's partly sunny skies and partly cloudy. look at it, 70, fairfield, livermore and san francisco, a west whipped picking up. a lot of cloud cover comes off the mother load or central sierra. some of that could move back off of us. the flow continues to pick up an i lot of moisture. some sun i, a lot of clouds building up. maybe some lightning could be kind of that midwest kind of days. 60s, # 0s, 80 and still hot but not as hot as yesterday. >> traffic is moving along pretty -- pretty well, but it's getting crowded around the bay area. traffic looks pretty good getting up to the coliseum, going around hayward is being
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in good shape. it's backed up to the 880 crossing. if you're driving on the peninsula or on the freeway heading south, let's say if you're using the san mateo bridge, that's okay. this is also to off to a good start. 6:02, let's did pack to the desk. firefighters are battling ten across the california area. some are in remote areas and others have forced the evacuation of hundreds of people. it's expected to get worse with the gusty winds and the lightning steve mentioned over the next couple of days. a red flag warning is in effect and cal fire is watching this. alex savage joins us from bethel island on how resources are being divided across the state. >> reporter: last night on bethel island they had a close
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call for firefighters. five acres in this open field caught fire. a big section of this fire was charred last night as this fire took hold. it they end some buildings for a short period of time but firefighter from the contra costa county district were able to get it under control. while it remains unclear what exactly sparked this fire, they're worried about more if flare ups like this one. lightning will be a concern for firefighters across the bay area moving in from today into tomorrow. a red flag warning went into effect covering most of the inland part of the bay area. that means conditions are for large fires to break out. they're bringing gusty conditions and the possibility of dry lightning. >> right now, we have additional overhead staffing,
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individual units, we've staffed water tenders and all of our reserve engines are currently staffed. >> now,, obviously, the brush is dry in most areas as well. that's why cruise this morning are on alert. they're stationing lookouts on a couple of peaks. those firefighters will be trying to spot any smoke and hopefully get an eye on some fires before they can get out of control and crews out later on there will be a red flag warning until wednesday. alex savage ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay up-to-date on the latest fire information by going on to our website you can click on the tab and find all the alerts and weather forecasts. there are budget cuts that
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will force fire stations to close. they're hooking for input on the best way to get resources and handle the cuts. meetings will be held in lafayette and clayton. happening today we're hoping to find out what killed the limo fire that killed the women on the san mateo bridge in may. ten people were in that limo when it burst into flames on may 4th. four women and the driver escaped but five others including a brand-new bride were killed. 911 calls were expected to be released. five have been arrested after being accused of trying to force a woman into
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prostitution. >> reporter: good morning, dave, they describe what was a frightening ordeal for this teenager. the men who kidnapped her were from san jose and gilroy. they arrested this 20-year-old because she and four armed men kidnapped an 18-year-old and she said she was sexually assaulted by two of the men and she was brought to a hotel room and told she would be forced to and prostitute. she escaped and asked for help. she told miss where the suspects were and deputies arrested these men. they along with a female
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suspect face numerous charges including kidnapping, pumping and sexual assault. we're going to reach out to deputies and we're searching four people who may have known any of these suspects since they're all approximately the south bay as soon as we get that information, we'll report it to you. ktvu channel 2 news. >> happening now, truck drivers are setting up a picket line. we're joined, now, with more on their message. >> reporter: good morning, we're live at the port of oakland. many of the truck drivers, they're mocking some of the trucks, a lot of them say they're angry because it has to do with a lot of the grant money they received from the city. they're not receiving enough money. they're left on their own to how to maintain the trucks, there's a problem with working conditions in the port as well. a lot of them say many of them can't leave their trucks once they enter the port. for example, going to the
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bathroom and such because those are the part of the regulations. they're hoping to change that today. here is a truck driver. how is this affecting you, you say it's affecting you and your family life? >> yes, as i was telling you before. we had extra money to take our family to whatever. now, we had extra, we have to save it to make monthly payments on the truck, they was money that was regulated by the bay area regulatory counsel? >> bay area air quality. >> you're saying it's not there? >> there's no money and a lot of people are going to be out of business which is not fair, because if they implement the rules, they have to pay us no matter what. >> what's the plan today. i know you guys are out here all day. are you going to block the port here today?
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>> once we get a lot of support from the drives, a lot of drivers are coming a little bit late. we're trying to be here the whole day. if we don't get an answer from the mayor, it will continue. >> thank you for joining us. he's expecting hope any am response from the mayor. the mayor has yet to respond according to some of these truck drivers this morning. we're live here in oakland channel 2 news. ac transit workers rejected the tentative contract agreement reached earlier this morning. it includes bus drivers, mechanics, dispatchers and clerical works. it puts 256 yes, and 576 no. >> a pretty strong no vote. >> reporter: what does that say? >> that says would he want
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something better. >> reporter: are you willing to strike for it? >> i'm willing to do what the unions to. >> ac transit management is not commenting until it gets notice about the union boat. >> san francisco's fire chief banning those helmet cameras and that is raising safety questions nationwide. >> plus the egyptian president could be a free man soon. >> if you're driving on the road it's getting crowded especially until some of the key areas. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area record. >> low clouds and fog and high middle clouds are going west. the red flag warning is out and we'll talk about both of these coming up.
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time now 6:14. the egyptian president mubarik may be freed soon. he was accused of embezzlement. he had been released from two other court cases against him. the violence continues this morning, militants ambushed two buses with police officers and 25 have been killed.
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almost 1,000 have been killed between government security forces and protestors of mohamed morsi last thursday. kyle reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom several are calling to call off that aid. >> john mccain says what happens in the middle east will directly impact the national security interests of the u.s. senators mccain and graham met with leaders from opposing parties. both snores say the obama administration needs to cut off aid to egypt. they believe they're using unnecessarily using violence on protestors. the us can find a better solution. they can decide by the end of this week whether or not to cut
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off their aid package following the deadly clashes combined the european union gives $7 billion a year to egypt. i'm scheduled to hear more of a report from the pentagon. stay tuned. mark zuckerberg had a security beach in his company. he a hacker proved that he could post on his wall without being a friend. he told the company and he was ignored so he took it right to the top. facebook says it has been fixed. a british law maker said why was he contained it --
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contained at the airport. green walled called the detainment an escalation of attacks on journalists. nsa staff broke more privacy rules than admitted may lead to a reform of the agency. >> i heard from a number of my colleagues directly through the media. they feel differently about the amendment if they had a second chance they might have voted yes on it. >> just to shake up the. nsa, nancy pelosi drew criticism to defeat it. oscar pistorius was officially indicted for the shooting death of his girl friend. he cried and he held hands with his family before that court hearing started. if convicted he faces 25 years in prison for the murder of his
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girlfriend. he said he shot her by mistake thinking she was an intruder. the trial is due to begin next year. the lead contractor for the new bay bridge is due to open next weekend. if it opens as scheduled, it will get a $0 million bonus, that's on top of a $16 million bonus it got last year for staying in line with the bum. it could be penalized for the infamous bolt problems. that could make a be dent on the bonus it do receive. the deer got stranded in the water and struggled to climb up the wall. it launched a boat and crews recovered the deer and it will be able to return to the wild.
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>> that's okay. it is getting busier, i'll show you the live picture of the bay bridge. it's backed up, and traffic is packed up for about a 15 to 20- minute wait. once you make it on to the bridge it looks good. a lot more people back-to- school as we get to the end of august and beginning of september. you really are going to in the that some of that summer vacation paper is gone. the morning commute is slow on 237 in downtown, and when you get to 880 it has not become slow yet. it may be a half-hour before it slows down. you might want to get out there before it happens. southbound 285 and 101 are off to a good start, but we're not expecting it to stay that way much longer. we have cloud cover coming
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in. east to west, so, there's a crisscross here. it's associated with the low of central california. until wednesday. cloud build ups in the north bay. probably nothing reaching the ground, but it's a sign of things to come. the red flag warning is until wednesday. this is going to may into our weather today, the clouds are wrapping back around. there is funneling and recall high pressure. we have fog on the coast and a westerly breeze. there are areas that are cool and areas very warm. more clouds, showers, lightning showers later on this afternoon. i believe this is vallejo. we'll start off at 64, 74 and if for a high today at 80 dedecrees. take a look at some of the lows
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santa rosa, and 25 miles per hour on the golden gate. a lot of the cloud cover will pick up and the north bay later on thunderstorm activity. lightning has been showing new the valley. it will show up later on today. right there, i tout it's reaching the ground, this is just sprinkles, but it's a sign of things coming in to the east. you have to be hot and muggy into lake county. a possibility of the lightning is the last thing we need. as low as this hoe is rotating around, this won't be until wednesday, we have the red flag warning. fog, sun, warm to hot. it showers buick up as well. it's showing signs of happening
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early. 60, 70s, to 80s to 90s, a huge spread of that he is temperatures t a bump up to temperatures up to friday and dropping down in the weekend. many of the industries biggest companies google, ibm, google are slowing down. it that's hurting wal-mart, tech stocks are up 11%. they're one of the lowest performing categories on the zap. >> santa clara and -- zap 500. >> they're renovating six feet of office space. apple facebook and google are part of that expansion. finding a home after being rescued from the bay, more on why the man has saved this pup's life is now his new best
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friend. >> i've about to a lot of p movie theatres and this is the first time i've seen anything like this. >> this is a sold out showing of a top movie, the but her, why one couple is accusing the movie theatre of racial profiling. [ male announcer ] at sizzler...
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they served up a winner, in lee daniels, the budget. this -- the butler. this stars oprah. the butler may be tops in the box office. a couple says that the theatre engaged in racial profile. the supp. couple said the audience was mostly african american in the movie. >> they had bulletproof vests, they had a badge zone into their shirt. this he looked serious. >> i've been to a lot of movie theatres and this is the first time i've seen anything like this. >> the theatre issued a
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statement says it routinely increases security during sold out shows. >> they're not buying that story. they're turning to twitter to share their complaints across the country. it's best to keep your eyes on the field during a warmup during a preseason game. >> pam oliver, what time! >> the fox first reporter was on the sidelines, it's a little wide. she got, oh, pretty hard on the side of the head. she is fine, she laughed it off when they showed that bad pass in the game. it is back-to-school day for thousands of students in san francisco. what police and leaders are doing to make sure kids have a safe walk to school.
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a fire breaks out in bethel i'll and firefighters are more worried about flareups like this one. we'll take you to a look at wall street and traders getting ready for the day. we'll tell you what's up next. high, mid level clouds as well. a possibility of showers, we have a red flag warning, i'll have all the details coming up.
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ringing the opening bell in new york this morning. zillow announcing it is buying street easy which is the leading real estate website in new york city. zillow, that's where people go
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when looking for a home. >> i'll say good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this monday august 19th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. let's go to steve, there's fire danger today. yes, clouds are building in the north bay. everybody is in line through wednesday. again a lot of the weather is in the valley right now. it's partly sunny partly cloudy, a lot of fog on the coast as well. some of that is pushing in, so a cool forecast, clouds, thunder showers, lightning will take us into wednesday as well. the low will have to be far enough north. we'll go 68, 56, some areas inland they're 7 degrees.
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68 in st. rose. looks how it filters back in. you can see lightning strikes there. some of this has wrapped into the north bay. the clouds are kind of filter in. i don't think it's reaching the ground, but it's a sign of things to come later on. fog, sun, a lot of clouds, clouds building, a possibility of showers, thunder showers later on. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, just not as warming warm as yesterday. >> good morning, we have a lumber spill from the truck. this is on 380 west bound to 280, right there at the spot where the traffic starts heading north and traffic heading south may get a good look at this and may be slow. it may be slow in that area anyway. it's westbound 380 on the connector ramp. it doesn't look like a major
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spill, but it lookslike an activity there. i want to show you 101, we were able to see it clearly. steve has been talking about that fog moving in. there's the fog moving in. it goes to see pus 101 again. let's if to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a big one, a lot of traffic in the area. 6:33, let's go bah being to the desk. ten different wildfires burning across south florida. there are -- south california. 5,000 firefighters on the line. the weather forecast is calling for gusty winds and dry lightning. that could make things worse. that can move in as early as this afternoon. there he is a red flag warning.
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alex savage is on bethel island right now. there was a fire last night. >> it's scary for people who live in this area. he talked to one man as he watched this brushfire burn in a coupling of homes in this field. this is just off of bethel island rolled near gateway road. the fire started just about 8:00 last night and in pretty good time, cruise with the contra costa county fire district they were able to get things under control. it's unclear what caused this fire last night. firefighters around the pay area are worried today about more fires sparked by lightning. that's because a red flag warning coughed most of the bay area, conditions are ideal for large fires to break out much the forecast calls for thunderstorms bringing gusty conditions and there's a possibility of dry lightning
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and you couple that with dry pressure, you can understand why crews are on alert today. he's certainly worried about theirups last night. >> it was pretty big and the names were high. the wind picked up around then and it was moving fast towards the houses and we could hear that the cattle were upset and screaming. >> we stopped by the south bay where they are gearing up for a busy couple of dates with the red flag warning in effect. cal fire will station lookouts on some of the high peaks in the hills. they'll move in that direction as soon as there is word of any fire. firefighter will be on alert for any lightning sparked fires early wednesday morning when this red flag warning will be in effect until.
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alex savage ktvu channel 2 news. >> go to our website and click on the weather tab. you'll find severe weather alerts for your area and get your five-day forecast. >> happening today, accused serial killer joseph naso will act as his own attorney and give more closing argument. he's accused of strangling four women in marin county and contra costa county, all of the women had matching first and last initials. he faces the death penalty if convicted. a civil rights attorney will file a lawsuit on behalf of blues singer lester chambers. 73-year-old chambers was attacked by a woman at a blues festival last month.
6:37 am
miss potter has been charged with elderly abuse. she has a stress disorder and a representative part of the song he was singing caused her to snap. the chief banned firefighters wearing helmet video cameras. this was made after sfo incident. chief white says it's an issue of firefighter and victim privacy. the ban has sparked a bigger debate around firefighters around the country. >> they have to be sensitive on what the employees do because they don't want them to be in a bind legally. >> it's not new. it points to a 2009 policy.
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it prohibits firefighters from having recording devices of any kind. ktvu brian is out there talking with the drivers and has more on their message. >> reporter: good morning, these per new developments coming in. five minutes ago there has been a larger group of truck drivers picketing here at the port of oakland. some are blocking the exits and some are blocking entrances coming into the port. a lot say they're upset because they're not receiving enough money to buy or maintain trucks, others are upset over working conditions. many have been here since 6:00 this morning blocking exits from the port, it has got at the contentious at times, many are independent drives that depend on air quality to maintain or purchase their trucks. they stay many have, the money has since stopped coming in and they're left to maintain trucks with their own money.
6:39 am
others say they're upset over port regulations while sitting with long puffs from the port. here's reaction from one of the drivers. >> we're human beings, we're trying to make money. we're not declining went. >> now, the drivers say they have sent a letter to the mayor. she says they have yet to do so. many of them are saying they'll be here thought the day. many of them mocking exits, the longer the loin has been thought the morning now, trucks coming into the port and leaving the port. this is going to have an impact on shipping throughout the day. we'll keep you updated on the situation thought the morning and see if this situation gets resolved. we're live here from the port of oakland, brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. >> it's back to school day for thousands of students in san francisco. police are out there to see
6:40 am
they get back there school. and tara is here to tell us about the back-to-school safety campaign. >> reporter: golf street, drivers use this as a major thoroughfare to cross the city, we're over here at the gold he gate. police may be targeting this area in an effort to get kids back-to-school safely. the san francisco police department will have direct control operations around public schools. they'll focus on elementary schools targeting the 15 miles per hour speed limit. it's going to last for two hours and then pick it up again from 1:30 to 3:30 this afternoon. the san francisco unified school district is adding more crossing guards to its school. transportation officials have added 45 people to the crossing
6:41 am
guard program and they've been added to high traffic and areas of history of accidents. ed and the superintendent of schools will welcome students back, back here live you can see we're not at the height of the commute just yet. it's about 20 minutes of these officers are started to show up across the city. we're not sure exactly which ones, but we'll keep an eye on them for you. backpacks time now 6:41, paul mccartney fans, big news. [ music ] the historic stage the singer could be appearing on for one last time. a woman is kidnapped and told she's going to be pumped and the five people responsible are from the south bay. we'll tell you what we just learned from law enforcement. >> some of the spots where it's
6:42 am
not slow now, but it should be slow very soon. beautiful sunrise, but we have a lot of high level clouds, more on that coming up, we may have will dry lightning today.
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she was kidnapped and forced into prostitution. her alleged attackers are in the pay area. we have more information on this and janine you got off the phone with the riverside sheriff's department. what did they tell you. >> reporter: they believe the four men are involved in this kidnapping are experienced pimps, the one woman who they are working with, they are all from san jose and kill roy. the sheriff's deputies say this woman and four armed men kidnapped an 18-year-old woman that took place in compton. she was sexually assaulted by two of men and driven to a hotel room where she was told she would be forced into prostitution. she was able to escape her kidnappers and got help in a
6:46 am
hotel in marin county. they were booked for various crimes and kidnapping taking that person from prostitution, a and sexual assault. investigators are saying they're going through cellphone records and they know from that they have see that this group of men ailedly had done postings on -- allegedly had done postings on websites for prostitutions. they have reached out to human trafficking departments that work here to share the information to see if they can help as well. . the time is now 6:46.
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oakland city officials dep mapping the end to all the violence. demanding all the end to all the violence. one woman who was killed was a 39-year-old woman. she was driving to a mcdonald's in east oakland saturday night. her boyfriend and five-year-old son were in the car. the boy is not hurt, he's with child care protective services. we have information on a foyer that killed 100 cats. the home belonged to carol miller. she's part of the stanford shelter. she was accused of animal cruelty. stanford is considering ending the contract with the group. do you remember the dog that was swimming in the san
6:48 am
francisco bay in berkeley. he is going to stay with the man who rescued her. unless the man shows up to claim her. they're not able to contact the real owner. he flagged down a bother who took the dog to shore. that's where the dog is going to stay for now. >> good looking dog. >> yeah. coming up in minutes, during this long bart dispute, we found out how much money the union members are making, now, we're learning how much the senior managers are making and how it compares to the large transit agencies around the country. they are bringing in proves of sacks sin nations, they're seeing a huge increase of parents opting not to vaccinate their children. we're getting word of a fatal collision of a car and a train
6:49 am
in fresno. four people are dead. how the new obama care opportunities are creating opportunities for scammers. >> we want to check in on traffic. we have slow spots, pam and dave, we're looking at some of the slow traffic 880 north and southbound. there is more bunching up as you get closer to hayward and down oakland. it's backed up for 25 minutes. if you're at the end of the line maybe 30. coming into the city no problems just a lot more people. more schools are back in session, every week that we get closer to september and that means more cars on the road. also looking at a lumber spill on the peninsula. you may see show traffic in
6:50 am
that area. now, let's go back to steve. for those of you not on the coast, it feels very midwest like, muggy and warm. it's spinning in and a lot of cloud cover and may give us thunder shower activity. sierra, nevada looks like a no brainer. it's wrapping back around. red flag warning out and it's parched as you know. we'll see physical the weather service fine tunes that or not. it's not just a high fire danger, it could be cloud build ups, it could be interesting cloud cover as well. the high and the low, it's coming up from the valley. a lot of cloud cover coming in. some fog and clouds, very warm lows. 60s, to 7s 0 -- 70s. lightning, that's what would he don't want to see, it will trigger fire activity. it happened in greenville.
6:51 am
60s and 50s on the temperatures. it may be cooler, other locations very warm. hardly a breeze at all. i mean less than 10 miles per hour unless you're over a couple, most locations calm. generally it's an easterly breeze, warm conditions this morning. it's looking for thunderstorm activity, the mother load as well. coming up from bakers ville around fresno you can see lightning detection a few pickups there, some of it may come up, it's mostly sunny towards the south bay and mostly clear. clouds could definitely roll in. warm muggy conditions, the low not going until wednesday, it will be north. until then fog, sun, clouds, very warm to hot inland. clouds building, thunder showers later on today especially in the north bay. 60s to 90s if you're py the coast, inland it will feel
6:52 am
tropical like and we're no this pattern until wednesday and it should calm down on wednes and there will be a weekend cool down. what's going to happen with the giant's game and how it will help with the boston marathon bombing. >> what they are claiming in his defense. ♪
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welcome back to channel 2 morning news, 6:54, down a little bit. it looks like it will be a quiet day. tsla one of the stocks to watch. they're cars are selling well, but that doesn't top a 27.5 million price tag for a rare ferrariy. that's an interesting news today. >> the berkeley man who ran around naked at a bart station he'll be back in court. he was caught on video at the 16th street doing acrobatic stunts. he's accused of battery and false imprisonment for grabbing passengers and kicking a bart employee. he told the court he remembers
6:56 am
very little of what happened. he said he was clearly having a mental breakdown. a man who fell off a cliff in half moon bay. the 25-year-old man is fighting for his life. he fell 100 feet down to the beach below. it happened yesterday afternoon outside the ritz-carlton hotel. he was rushed to stanford medical center. the last time we checked he was listed in critical condition. >> political official also be nevada summit. it's part of an effort to protect lake tahoe. one issue up up for discussion will be finding private money to supplement restoration projects. it follows the tension between california and nevada how to balance development with
6:57 am
environmental protections. the race will be back on the bay today. it was postponed yesterday because of high winds. yesterday two one of two races were held. luna rossa won one race. and there will be another race for the america's cup against oracle u.s.a. in september. local survivors of the bombings will participate in pregame ceremonies. we'll go through the one boston fund which helps the victims recover. paul mccartney may be coming back to san francisco. [ music ] that's pam cook singing in the background. he's considering headlining one last concert at candlestick part, that's where they played
6:58 am
their final gig in 1966. look at that video. he floated the idea to the mayor and he played a final concert at shea stadium in new york before it was torn down in 2009. >> that's great. coming up bay area firefighters getting ready for dangerous weather, dry, hot along with a threat of lightning. >> the strike is over, the week weekend vote is making them think again. stay right here with us.
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a brush fire threatens homes on bethel island late last night. we'll tell you how crews were able to get this fire under control and why firefighters are worried about dangerous weather conditions moving in today. [chanting] many a.c. transit riders thought the strike was over. the weekend vote that made them think again. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco, where you will see a lot of police near schools today. we'll tell you what they are up to -- next. and protests at the port started a little


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